About Us

Established March 3, 2019 Dirty Miner was born working with support from friends and family in the US and Canada as well as the mining community with more than 60,000 mining fans in our group. With the love and passion for the community and the sheer work ethic of our friends and family in the mining community we decided to offer a complete line of products to help support them on the mine. Thus, Dirty Miner Clothing and Apparel became our passion.

Today we are the only Official Trademarked DirtyMiner® Clothing and Apparel line for the hardcore miner! It does not matter if you are a gold miner, coal miner, prospector, placer miner or just an operator even a mechanic on a mine site we have you covered! We are working hard to acquire new and innovative products as we expand our line into safety gear and all-weather apparel.

Check out our new line of Hats, Caps, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Gloves, Safety Vests, Jackets and more. If you are a DirtyMiner® then our clothing and apparel are for you.

If you don’t see something you need or would like to see us add to our offering, please reach out to us. Also join our newsletter to keep up with current mining events, innovations in mining, latest products and sales or giveaways. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at the links below in the footer.

We are currently shipping to the following countries USA, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, and Germany. We have established local distribution in some of these countries so shipping times will be reduced in some locations. 

So, from our team to yours we want to thanks for shopping with us,

-The Dirty Miner



DirtyMiner® is a US and Internally registered trademark owned and distributed by FEG Investments™ www.feginvestments.com copyright 2019.