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Product Impact:

There is no secret that covid has impacted everyone from shipping, to supply and even production. Our current vendor experienced covid and was forced to shut down for an extended period of time. Even with the amount of garment blanks we have in stock this has impacted our ability to fill several orders due to size and color of completed items.

The vendor is back up and running now and we are on the list to get our merch completed! (please check your package for something extra when you get your order as a thank you for the delay and patients)

Alternat Vendor:

In an attempt to fill the vast amount of orders we have been getting over the last 6 months we sourced another vendor who completely failed. The garments they sent were not only the wrong brands they were also printed crooked and askew. I will add a blog post with photos on this soon.

Moving Forward:

We have taken steps to ensure this will be resolved in the future by ordering our own printer, sewing machine and heat press. Part of the equipment is already in and we are just waiting on the printer and cutter.

In the mean time please reach out to us if you haven't received your order and we will expedite shipping as soon as the garment are ready. Also! If you have recieved your order please let us know as some shipping methods have zero tracking info still. (NO P.O.Box) In the future we will not ship to a P.O Box unless you reqeust an exemption from us before you order. I will add a blog post soon explaining why.

Expect extended delays on Red and Hi-Vis orange at the moment as they are almost impossible to get in stock.

When will my order be in?

We expect to have the rest of our orders filled and at your door before Christmas. We will expidite all shipping on remaining orders.