Women In Mining - Tank Tops Are Back!

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Women In Mining - Tank Tops Are Back!

We are happy to see that more products are finally shipping again! We have our WIM™ Women in Mining™ Tank Tops again! 

Covid has really put a damper on our garment suppliers and we have worked hard to get stuff back in stock for you. 

Women In Mining is a project we have been working on with out partners for a while to get things laid out. We will use this as a way to offer free scholarships to women who want to get into mining and construction. Follow us for more details as we get things ready.

We will post links to the information soon and a place to sign up if you are interested in being sponsored for education. 

Our goal is to help you get your career started and kicked off. We would like to also help with job placement in the industry.


-Dirty Miner


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