Using BitCoin and Cryptocurrency with Dirty Miner Apparel

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Using BitCoin and Cryptocurrency with Dirty Miner Apparel

Dirty Miner Apparel accepts cryptocurrency

There are all kinds of miners in the world today but there is one kind of mining that anyone can do and that's called Bitcoin Mining.

It's a concept we find very interesting and we have mined some ourselves. Today to really earn coins you need to use special hardware to mine. The days of CPU and GPU are over for the most part.

Anyone who really wants to make money on mining for bitcoin has learned they need to use ASIC Mining hardware. Not everyone can afford this or the power to run it but for those who can and scale the operation there are big rewards. Interesting read here

For those who can not mine for bitcoin there are alternatives such as trading cryptocurrency. We might venture into that realm in the future as we launch some other projects. Stay with us and see how we plan to change the world in the next 18 months. 

For those of us who have coins already we are working to integrate bitcoin into our system so you can also shop with cryptocurrency!

Some of the cryptocurrencies you will be able to use with Dirty Miner Apparel are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin just to name a couple.


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