The Caterpillar D10 Marks 40 Years in Mining

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The Caterpillar D10 Marks 40 Years in Mining

Revolutionary Cat® D10 Dozer marks 40 years of industry leadership

Since its introduction 40 years ago, the Cat® D10 dozer has been one of the most popular large dozers at mining operations around the world. And for good reason.

When it first rolled off the assembly line in 1977, it was the world’s largest, most powerful dozer. But the D10 was revolutionary beyond its size and power — with a dramatically different design and innovative features that made it ideal for mining applications.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the industry was pushing existing dozers to their productivity limits, and miners were looking for a machine that could better handle tough hard rock applications. They sought a machine with more horsepower that was built for longevity and durability.

The team responsible for development of the D10 soon realized that a new track design and improved undercarriage were necessary in order to meet their demands.

Key to the success of the D10 is the patented elevated sprocket design, a completely new idea in dozer development at the time. By lifting the final drive up and away from rocks and dirt, components were isolated from shocks and impacts. The result was unprecedented final drive life and greater machine uptime.

The suspended undercarriage improved performance by allowing the tracks to conform to uneven ground for better traction and reduced slippage. A low center of gravity improved side-slope performance, and when combined with the dozer’s improved traction, operators were able to operate with much more confidence in the challenging applications found on many of the world’s mine sites.

Operators also found that the new dozer design helped them stay more comfortable and productive on the job. Because the operator station is elevated, their views of the front and rear work areas were significantly improved. Their comfort was enhanced thanks to low vibration and a smoother overall ride.

The design of the D10 was so successful that Caterpillar incorporated the concept into all of its medium and large dozer models. The D10T has continued to improve over these 40 years, and is now available as the D10T2.

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